Popping Your Knuckles… Bad or Good?


We’ve all been told at one point or another that popping, or cracking, our knuckles and joints is bad for us and may cause arthritis. But is it true? Is your mom really concerned about your suffering phalanges or does she just hate the sound?

Chances are it’s both, but studies have shown that popping your knuckles does you no harm and may actually provide you with a little bit more flexibility.


But Be Cautious

If you’re feeling any pain, you shouldn’t be popping your knuckles at all. Even further, while you may want to pop other joints in your body, you can cause yourself serious injury.

While you’re probably alright to pop your knuckles, never pop your back, neck, or other joints on your own. Always visit Dr. Gary Litle in Townsend, MT with our wide range of services to get the chiropractic relief that you need.  406-266-4245

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How Stretches Can Help Your Back


Do you have a hard time with your back? Doing stretches can help! Depending on the type of pain you have, you could do many different stretches. However, be sure to consult with your chiropractor first, as some stretches might exacerbate the problem.

Combining the right regimen of chiropractic care, exercises, and stretching can help in the following ways:

  • Improves range of motion
  • Decreases chances of further injury
  • Relieves back pain

Dr. Gary Litle in Townsend, Montana can recommend the right stretch to relieve your back pain.

Townsend: 406-266-4245

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Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating


Now that the holiday season is in full swing in Bozeman, it seems like there are plates of holiday treats lurking around every cubicle.  You can fend off holiday weight gain with these simple tips:

  • Start with soup: eating a broth based soup as an appetizer can help you avoid overeating the main course.
  • Focus on your food: pay close sensory attention to your food to increase satiety.
  • Bring a healthy dish to the party. At least you’ll know what’s in it!
  • Eat before you go: a full tummy will help prevent mindless snacking.
  • Alternate glasses of water with alcohol.

If you need additional support, consider taking a supplement to maintain proper nutrition.  Dr. Gary Litle carries a quality line of nutritional supplements to meet your nutritional needs.

Townsend: 406-266-4245

Dr. Gary Litle 101 B Street  Townsend, MT. (Across from Full Belli Deli)

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Tips for Staying Healthy


Now that it is fall, and winter’s right around the corner, cold and flu season is returning to Bozeman, Montana.  As temperatures drop, we tend to stay inside more which means germs are more easily passed around.  Here are a few tips to help keep you healthy this season:

  • Get more sleep.
  • Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.
  • Set (and complete) clear exercise goals. If it’s too cold to go outside, take a couple of laps around the office.
  • Incorporate seasonal fruits and vegetables like Brussels sprouts, apples, and pumpkins.
  • Get a wellness check from Dr. Gary Litle to restore and maintain proper spinal and joint alignment.

To make your Wellness appointment, visit http://www..apluschiro.net   Townsend, MT

Townsend: 406-266-4245

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Ultrasound Therapy


Ultrasound Therapy for Muscle Pain

You may think ultrasounds are just for expecting mothers, but did you know that ultrasound therapy is also a treatment modality used to treat many chronic pain conditions?  This method of stimulating the tissue beneath the skin’s surface speeds up the healing process by increasing blood flow to the treated area.  In addition, it reduces swelling and edema (which helps with pain), gently massages muscles, tendons, and ligaments, and softens scar tissue.

Dr. Gary J. Litle offers therapeutic ultrasound in Townsend, MT.  Make an appointment today to learn how ultrasound therapy can help reduce your chronic pain.

Townsend office:

101 B. Street, Ste B

Townsend, MT 59644

(406) 266-4245


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Sprains and Strains


Treatment for Sprains and Strains

Playing sports like softball, baseball and beach volleyball, or even relaxing hobbies such as backyard gardening, can lead to sprains, strains and other minor injuries.

To get relief from these types of injuries, you first want to avoid activities that cause pain, swelling, and discomfort.  Ice the area immediately and use compression and elevation to help reduce swelling.  Make an appointment with your primary care physician or visit your chiropractor for immediate medical attention.

Call or make an appointment with Dr. Gary J. Litle in Townsend, Montana                    at 406-266-4245 to get relief from your summertime fun injuries.

Dr. Gary J. Litle

101 B. Street., Ste B

Townsend, MT 59644

(406) 266-4245


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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Carpal Tunnel Remedies

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) can hamper even the most active individuals. The pain from CTS is caused by pressure being put on the median nerve, which is caused by repetitive flexing and extending of the wrist.

Our treatment plan involves Dr. Litle creating a conservative plan just for your needs. Cautious chiropractic care, appropriate splinting done correctly, and the correct exercise plan will all be included in getting you feeling like yourself again.

Effective techniques and therapies that may be used to treat your CTS at http://www.apluschiro.net

  • Message and Vibration Therapy
  • Heat/Cold Therapy
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Corrective Exercise
  • Interferential Electrical Muscle Stimulation

For more information:  Townsend location call (406) 266-4245.

Visit us a us today!

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