How Often Should I See my Chiropractor?


Visiting Your Chiropractor

Just as you would visit your regular doctor or dentist to maintain your health, that is how you should treat visits to a chiropractor. A chiropractor maintains and restores your spinal and joint alignment so that your body can function at optimum levels. One question all patients have is how often they should see their chiropractor?

A good rule of thumb is to see your chiropractor once or twice a year for the purpose of a realignment. The key is to catch a minor misalignment before it causes a bigger issue.

If you feel pain or discomfort in your back or joints then head to the chiropractor. Again, you want to prevent a minor issue from becoming a bigger problem.

Residents of Bozeman, MT can look to Dr. Gary J. Litle at Back and Rehab Clinic. Be proactive about your health and contact our office today.

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Are Allergies the Cause of Your Migraines?


The Connection between Allergies and Migraines

Now that the weather is heating up, many individuals are being hit with summer allergies. Unfortunately, your allergies can be the trigger that sets off horrible migraines.

A specific cause has yet to be determined but migraines are believed to be triggered by swollen sinuses. Swollen sinuses send a trigger to the brain to react to the pressure that causes a migraine.

Treating a Sinus Headache with a Chiropractor

At Back and Rehab Clinic, Dr. Gary J. Litle provides migraine relief with heat and massage. He can also treat regular migraines through chiropractic adjustments and traction. For more information about our migraine treatments, please visit our site.

To schedule an appointment, contact our office today.

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Benefits of a Daily Exercise Lifestyle


A regular part of living a healthy lifestyle involves eating healthy foods, having a daily intake of vitamins and minerals, and the most important of all is exercising regularly. You can eat healthy all day long but when it comes to overall health, your body needs exercise to operate at an optimal level.

Sedentary lifestyles can lead to weight gain, lethargy, disease and illnesses. Exercising daily has an array of benefits for overall health. Exercise helps control weight, combats health conditions and disease, improves mood, promotes better sleep, boosts energy, adds spark to your sex life, and is fun.

Exercise strengthens muscles that can prevent lower back pain and stretch any tension located in the back. The list goes on and on. For more information on overall health visit


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Chiropractic Treatment of Trigger Points


Have you had reoccurring neck or back pain which is worse with rest and better with activity? Is there pain or numbness that may travel into your shoulder or arm from your neck or into your leg from your lower back?  It is possible your complaints are related to muscular “trigger points” which are essentially areas of muscles that tighten or knot up and may mimic a pinched nerve.

Many times these muscular areas of tightness are a result of muscular fatigue from poor posture or areas of weak muscle or poor muscle “balance.”  Dr. Litle will evaluate your complaint and determine origin of your pain.  If it is found to be due to muscular trigger points, Dr. Litle applies proper treatment methods and works with you on lifestyle changes such as posture and exercise to help resolve your complaint.

To get relief, contact either one of Dr. Gary J. Litle’s offices today!

Bozeman office: 406.587.0711

Townsend office: 406.266.4245


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Tips for the Treatment and Prevention of Tendonitis


What is Tendonitis?

Tendonitis occurs upon the overuse of a particular body motion or when a certain activity (weight lifting, skiing, extreme sports) over exerts the area of the body, or a strenuous activity is performed too quickly.
Most common forms of tendonitis occur in the shoulder’s rotator cuff, the elbow (tennis elbow), wrist, knee, and Achilles heel.
Symptoms exhibited in the affected area include:
Sharp, dull, burning pain
Tingling & Numbness

How to Prevent Tendonitis

Warm up before beginning any type of exercise and increase the level of exercise gradually
Assess your technique, ask your coach or trainer for guidance to make sure you are performing the exercise correctly and not overexerting the wrong areas
Wear proper gear, make certain you wear the proper shoes and attire required to do your particular activity


Some over the counter pain medications can aid in pain management. However, speaking with a doctor or chiropractor is essential to create the best game plan to relieve/treat the pain. If you think you may have tendonitis or are suffering from chronic back or joint problems visit to learn more about your treatment options.


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Getting Back into Shape

sunset sea girl

Exercise Safely

With the beginning of the New Year, many individuals have made their resolutions about getting back into shape. If you were once a marathon runner who has taken a couple of months off, that does not mean you can participate in a 5K this weekend.
The best way to get back into, or start, an exercise routine is by easing yourself into it. Start by some light walking for a half hour to an hour every day. It might help to break down the time throughout the day. Then work your way into running or light weightlifting.

Make sure you are warming up and down along with seeing a chiropractor. The latter can help you with joint stiffness or pain caused by exercise. Residents of Townsend and Bozeman can seek preventative chiropractic care from Dr. Litle.  Contact our Bozeman office at 406-587-0711 or Townsend office at 406-266-4245.


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Convenient Chiropractic Care


Chiropractors and their Versatility

Although chiropractors aim to alleviate back pain and struggles, their methods of spinal manipulation have been proven to help with other health issues as well. If you suffer from severe migraines, seeing a chiropractor may be an effective way to get rid of some tension that causes most headaches.

In addition, chiropractic care can help with flexibility and stress relief. While working with the root of the nervous system, traveling impulses through the spinal cord is a great way to help the body manage these stressors.  Overall, visiting a chiropractor may do more for your health than you knew possible.  For relief, please contact us at 406-587-0711 or 406-266-4245.

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